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Etsy shop now open!!

My Etsy shop is officially open. I have changed the name from “Sweetpea’s Smalls” to “My Life is an Art Project” to remain consistent with the rest of my web presences. Click on the image below to visit. Thank you kindly for looking and sharing! 



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Vintage Las Vegas Souvenir Beer Stein

This vintage beer stein has quite a history. It was found in the early 2000’s in a leaning shed on my husband’s Great-Aunt’s recently-purchased property in Texas. We had gone with my husband’s Mom to help his Great-Aunt relocate there from West Virginia. We stayed to help out for about 3 weeks or so. One day, out of sheer boredom, my husband decided to tear down the shed out behind his Great-Aunt’s home. There were remnants left from the previous tenants, one of which was this beer stein from the 1970’s. When my husband and I returned to West Virginia, we brought it back with us.

I’ve never been to Las Vegas, I enjoyed researching the history of the spots featured on this gem. Pictured on the rear of the stein are the International Hotel, the Landmark Hotel, Caesar’s Palace, and the Stardust Hotel. The front shows the Golden Nugget Casino and the Horseshoe Casino. This beer stein was made of glazed ceramic, in Japan.  If you want it for your own collection, you can purchase it here.

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Miniature Alaska Souvenir Mug

I found this tiny little mug in a thrift shop in my town. I have never been to Alaska, but it reminded me of an old family friend who lives and works in Alaska. He is a photographer and captures the most amazing photos of the northern lights. You can see his work here

This adorable little souvenir mug is made of brown glass, and features brass straps that attach to a wooden handle with tiny screws. A cute little tourist-y treasure, this mug has a print on it of the word “Alaska,” and images of Mount McKinley, a moose, and a totem pole in a golden yellow color. “Made in Taiwan” is printed on the bottom of the mug. It measures 2.5″ tall, 2.5″ wide from the handle to the side of the mug, and is about 1.5″ in diameter.

This little souvenir mug is available for sale here

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My Life is an Art Project- now on Threadless

Here you can find my artwork and designs on men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, and wall decor. Thank you kindly for looking and sharing, and for supporting independent artists like me! Click on the image below to go to my Threadless shop. 

My Life is an Art Project Threadless Shop


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Independent Women, 2014

Here’s some graphic design/collage/letting work which I have been adding to here and there. I have always enjoyed making collages, whether they are created by hand, or with computer programs. This project prompted me to explore the work of collage artists, both historical and contemporary. I was inspired by contemporary artists like Eugenia Loli, Robert Mars, and Sammy Slabbinck. Once these are finished, I will have the collages printed as a small book via Click on the image to see more. 

PAGE1A copyIndependent Women, page detail, 5″ x 5″, 2014